Strategy Management provides Strategic and Financial Advisory Services to CEOs and their management teams to help them achieve their growth, profitability and other significant business objectives. Whether you need a trusted advisor regarding critical business decisions, or formal strategic and financial analytical services, or outsourced CFO services, Strategy Management has the experience and the resources to assist you.

We have started businesses from scratch, we have raised capital to grow businesses, we have taken companies public, we have acquired, merged and sold companies and product lines. We have worked in small, mid-size and large companies, both publicly held and privately held. We have sat on Boards of Directors. We know your challenges, we understand the issues and decisions you face, and we are experienced in dealing with them.

We are a small boutique firm, ensuring that you are always served by senior level, experienced advisors. We have worked with and maintain relationships with many of the world’s leading investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and CPA firms, so you will have access to any strategic and financial resources you may need.

Our goal is to help you succeed in achieving your business objectives. We expect to exceed your expectations, and we are prepared to align our objectives with yours with a fee structure which fits your needs. That structure can be hourly fees, monthly fees, project-based fees or success-enhanced fees.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

With 40+ years of experience at every stage of business, we know your challenges.

With C-Suite experience starting, funding, growing and successfully exiting businesses, we know how to solve them.

What Our Clients Say

Our goal is to help you succeed in achieving your business objectives. Here's what our clients say:

Peter de Vos, Chairman & CEO

Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group

“Strategy Management created and provided the Financial Expertise, Financial Strategy and Financial Infrastructure which TVIG lacked when I became CEO. In addition, they provided, and still provide, honest, objective Strategic Planning, Strategic Advisory Services and Management Consulting Advice which I, as CEO and the Board of Directors, find crucial in determining Corporate Strategy and Priorities. Strategy Management has also developed crucial relationships that allowed our Company to grow and improve our resource capabilities. Bob and Peggy will always tell it to you straight, whether you like it or not!”


Kevin Arner,  CEO

Payspan, Inc

“Thank you again for stepping in to provide support for strategic planning and budgeting during our CFO search process. Your leadership, analysis and “hands-on” approach provided the guidance and prioritization necessary to support our continued growth. I appreciate your willingness to apply your experience in a way that made our management team take ownership of our growth through structured and credible budgeting processes. We have greater confidence in our growth forecast because of your contributions. We look forward to working with you again soon.”                                               


Vin Fabiani, Partner

HLM Venture Partners

“Strategy Management did an excellent job by stepping in as outsourced CFO for one of our portfolio companies when the existing CFO resigned. They worked seamlessly with the management team for 9 months, bringing stability and improvements in management reporting and accountability.”