SM Litigation Support Assists TVIG – Damage & Disruption Claims Awarded in Arbitration

August 22, 2013

Strategy Management provided Litigation Support Services to Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, Inc. (“TVIG”), a wind farm construction company, in its Arbitration suit filed against a multi-billion dollar public energy and utility company which was the Owner of a 98 megawatt West Virginia wind farm built by TVIG. This dispute, and Strategy Management’s Litigation Support Services, spanned more than two years from December, 2010 until June, 2013. Phase 1 of the Arbitration action resulted in TVIG receiving an award of $17.2 Million from the Arbitration panel, representing TVIG’s and its subcontractors’ outstanding construction contract revenue and delay and disruption change order claims, which had been unpaid by the Owner. In addition,all claims reserved for resolution in the subsequent phases of the Arbitration were amicably resolved by the Parties.

Strategy Management provided the following Dispute and Litigation Support Services to TVIG and its legal team:

• Strategic Advice
• Review and Analysis of Contract Documents
• Financial and Claims Analysis
• Document Discovery
• Legal & Consulting Expense and Cash Flow Forecasting
• Settlement Scenario Analysis and Consultation
• Review and Editing of Legal Briefs, Motions and Filings

Participation in Settlement and Mediation Negotiation