Divestitures & Carve-outs

Often times a company can grow through subtraction. Unprofitable or non-core businesses can dilute management attention and shareholder value. Non-strategic assets or product lines can have the same effect.

Strategy Management can assist you with sell-side advisory services to refocus your company on profitable, growing businesses.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing and assessing your business strategy
  • Analyzing all potential strategic and financial buyers
  • Preparation of marketing materials to position the company for maximum price
  • Contacting potential buyers and distribution of marketing materials
  • Preparation and distribution of Non-Disclosure Agreement & Confidential Information Memorandum
  • Preparation of Data Room
  • Review Indications of Interest
  • Responses to Due Diligence Requests
  • Conduct Initial Management Meetings and Conference Calls
  • Evaluate Initial Bids
  • Request & Evaluate Letters of Intent
  • Distribute Final Bid Procedures Letter
  • Review Final Bids
  • Select Winner
  • Review/Prepare Indemnification Clause
  • Review & Negotiate Definitive Agreement
  • Create Fairness Opinion

Complimentary Initial Consultation

With 40+ years of experience at every stage of business, we know your challenges.

With C-Suite experience starting, funding, growing and successfully exiting businesses, we know how to solve them.