Litigation Support

Nothing can be more disruptive to a company’s business strategy and execution plan than to be involved in a dispute with a business partner, vendor or customer.  These disputes can distract management attention from the strategy and business at hand, and absorb critical capital and human resources which are much better served in executing the Company’s strategy.

When these situations arise, the Board, the CEO and the management team need experienced and objective strategic and financial advice to assist the Company and its legal team in determining the most cost effective and efficient means of resolving these potentially debilitating disagreements.  Strategy Management is experienced in providing CEO’s, their management team and their legal team with Strategic Advice, Financial and Claims Analysis, Due Diligence, Document Discovery, and Negotiation services, at all stages of dispute:  Contract Disagreement, Settlement Discussions, Mediation and Arbitration/Litigation.

Strategy Management plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the Company’s management, who have precious little time to spend away from strategic and day to day operational issues, and the legal team, who have insufficient insight into the strategic and operational details of the Company.  Strategy Management assists both of these constituencies by getting deeply involved with both, by ensuring that critical strategic and financial analyses and issues are conveyed to the attorneys, and that the attorneys focus their legal resources and inquiries on the most appropriate strategic and business issues in discovery, settlement discussions, depositions, hearings  and trial.

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