Capital is the lifeblood of a business.  It is critical for growth and investment, whether that investment is in technology, plant and equipment, strategic acquisitions, business development or people.  Business owners often recognize that they need more capital to achieve their plans and objectives, but they don’t know what is required to acquire it, or from whom to seek it.  They often don’t understand the different costs of debt and equity capital, nor the required returns on capital which investors demand.

Strategy Management can help.  We have raised capital and procured debt financing for small and mid-market companies aggregating hundreds of millions of dollars. We are skilled and experienced in analyzing and arranging capital structures consisting of short and long term Debt, Convertible Preferred Stock, Common Stock, Restricted Stock, Stock Options and Warrants.  We have experience in valuing businesses and assessing potential dilution to existing shareholders.

We have worked with and maintain relationships with many of the world’s leading investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and CPA firms, so you will have access to any strategic and financial resources you may need.

We provide a comprehensive set of services in order to assist you in raising capital, including:

  • Review, Assess & Update Business Plans
  • Review, Assess & Update Financial Projections
  • Preparation of internal Valuation Estimates and Potential Dilution to Shareholders
  • Determination of Structure & Timing of Transactions
  • Pursue, Screen & Engage potential Capital Providers
  • Review Transaction Documents and Advise on Suggested Changes
  • Assist Management in Negotiation of Valuation & Closing the Transaction

Complimentary Initial Consultation

With 40+ years of experience at every stage of business, we know your challenges.

With C-Suite experience starting, funding, growing and successfully exiting businesses, we know how to solve them.