Strategic Advisory

Business Strategy is about building a sustainable competitive advantage.  It requires an understanding of industry structure: the clients, the competitors, the suppliers, the potential entrants into the industry, and the potential substitute products and services which could supplant your own.  It requires an assessment of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, resources and needs compared to your competitors and compared to the other players in your industry.

Formulating, implementing and adjusting Strategy requires complex decision-making built upon planning, analysis and collaboration among all members of the management team.  It also often requires resource allocation, capital acquisition and an analysis of your business’ current value.

Strategy Management is prepared to assist you, whether you require a formal strategic planning process, a specific strategic project to be analyzed or implemented, or simply a sounding board to review and assess your plans and tactics.  We offer a comprehensive set of services, including:

Strategy Assessments

  • Industry Structure Analysis
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Resource Assessments
  • M&A and Divestiture Services
  • JVs and Strategic Alliances
  • Market Definition
  • Customer Requirements & Satisfaction Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis

Strategy Implementation

  • Scenario Analyses
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Strategic Feedback & Reporting
  • Strategy Retreats

Complimentary Initial Consultation

With 40+ years of experience at every stage of business, we know your challenges.

With C-Suite experience starting, funding, growing and successfully exiting businesses, we know how to solve them.