Strategy Retreats

Our experience has shown that Companies benefit greatly by bringing key management and employees offsite for a day or two once or twice a year to update Strategic Plans, reconsider Mission and Objectives or to plan for critical projects or events.  Some companies also find that including sporting or other leisure activities (golf, tennis, sailing, etc.) can facilitate and enhance collaboration and discussion, and improve relationships and commitment to Company objectives.

Strategy Management has organized, facilitated and run these Strategy Retreats, and can provide turnkey services, including:

  • Meeting Planning and Agenda Formulation
  • Development of Strategic Issues to be Addressed
  • Specific Questions to be Addressed by Participants
  • Formulation of Teams of Participants
  • Pre-Meeting Surveys to Ensure Appropriate Meeting Content
  • Facilitation of Meeting Discussions and Group Break-Out Sessions
  • Meeting Notes and Feedback
  • Follow-Up Plans and Assignments
  • Meeting Facilities Organization and Reservations
  • Leisure Activities Organization and Reservations

Complimentary Initial Consultation

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